Two former Richmond Rugby players, Rupert Allhusen and Ben Leigh, are attempting the iconic 20 Bridges swim, a 28.5 mile swim around Manhattan Island, on 3rd September 2023 for two charities close to each of their hearts.


Rupert’s Story:

After swimming the English Channel in 2020 and launching the Defibrillator Fund, the Richmond Heavies Foundation have helped 60 community rugby clubs in England get a working defibrillator and people trained in its use. We need to raise more funds to help us fulfil our mission to get a working defibrillator into every rugby club in the land. Our defibrillators have already saved lives and we wish to do more. Any help is much appreciated.


Ben’s Story:

My son, Maximus, was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes when he was 12 years old. In total shock on the way to the hospital he asked “So, I can’t get rid of it?”. From that day on, part of Max’s childhood was gone. Diabetes UK raises funds to support doctors working hard to find a cure for the 400,000 people in the UK who have type-1 diabetes, including 29,000 children like Max. It also provides support in learning how to live with diabetes, which is a constant daily struggle. We would be incredibly grateful for any donations.

USA donors can donate through Global Giving