On the 16th January, a massive volcanic eruption saw the Pacific Islands of Tonga blanketed in a layer of ash, while in coastal areas tsunami waves tore down trees and buildings. Whilst communications between Tonga and the rest of the world remain all but impossible, a picture of the devastation is starting to form. According to the UN, over 80% of the 100,000 population have been affected. Schools and homes have been destroyed. There is very little clean water. Access to food is limited.


The Atlas Foundation is born out of the global rugby family and we are committed to supporting our Tongan brothers and sisters. We are currently working with players and families, both here in the UK and across the world to identify communities in Tonga that we can work with over the coming days, weeks and months. This will start with emergency aid to ensure children and families can get through immediate crisis. We will then work to develop longer-term education and health programmes on the ground, that will help children to thrive into the future.

If we are to help the children of Tonga, then we once again need your support. Your donation will go direct to the communities that need it most. We are committed to reporting back to you how every pound you donate is spent - and the impact you are having on children lives. 

Please donate today.