We run TAG rugby alongside education sessions in primary schools to help the boys and girls to play together, they develop teamwork and a mutual understanding of each other. Team Talk seeks to directly improve the lives of girls, enabling them to be aspirational and play a fuller role in the family and the wider community. The boys develop a greater level of respect for the girls.





Women and girls are significantly disadvantaged within many rural communities and improving female education and self-confidence are key to long-term family prosperity, health and well-being.

In this region of Kenya in 2011 between a third and half of all girls drop out of education between the ages of 12 and 17, primarily due to marriage and pregnancy.





TAG rugby is little known among the communities in this region of Kenya. This allows the team to introduce the game to both boys and girls so that they develop similar skill levels within the week. The Team are able to introduce an exciting and enjoyable opportunity for all the pupils to build self-confidence, develop better communication skills and improve teamwork. Everyone joins in.

Alongside each TAG rugby game is an integrated education session. These often use team building games to help the boys and girls working together and recognise the strengths of each member of the community. 

Sustainable change takes time, and this sensitive approach is:

  • Appreciated by the community elders and women themselves.

  • Expected to increase the participation of girls in primary education to 90% over a ten year period.

  • Will directly lead to a reduction in both early marriage and young mothers, which in turn inspires girls to seek secondary education.




  • Use TAG Rugby to encourage integration and positive relationships between boys and girls.

  • Use fun team building games and education sessions to develop mutual respect between boys and girls.

  • Empower girls and boys to strive for secondary education.

  • Challenge long standing gender stereotypes. 

  • Teach boys and girls the importance of sexual health. 

  • Challenge attitudes to the opposite sex. 


For more information about Team Talk, head to: https://www.futurehealthafrica.org/teamtalk