Esther's Story

On #InternationalDayforSportforDevelopmentandPeace we are celebrating Esther at Bhubesi Pride Foundation who is helping girls in Malawi overcome the challenges of menstrual poverty. Read Esther's Story to learn how BPF supports girls like Esther through sport and education. Read more

TackleLondon 11th April Donations Welcome

You are making a positive difference through sports mentoring and making Young Londoners part of the "Rugby Family" and giving them a "Rugby Home" where they can feel confident, grow and prosper. Young people need help, now more than ever. Read more

Ballarat Marathon - Tony Faneco

About a year ago my mate @Ben Nicholson suggested we run the London marathon to recognise that 5 years have passed since Anita, Annabel and Alex ⭐️⭐️⭐️ were taken from us.

In their memory I aim to raise as much money as I can for The Atlas Foundation whose projects support children and give them the opportunity to thrive through rugby communities and initiatives.
Read more

Empowering young people at the Urban Rugby Championships!

Over 230 kids from minority and under-resourced communities across America came together for the 2024 Urban Rugby Championships in Washington DC. The URC is an incredible opportunity for these kids and shows the transformative impact rugby has in empowering and inspiring disadvantaged young people! Read more

Silver Hippo Bike Ride 2024

During the 2018 England rugby tour to South Africa, The Silver Hippos accompanied Jason Leonard and some of the England Rugby team on a visit to an Atlas Foundation project in Cape Town. Jason established the Atlas Foundation to "raise kids out of disadvantage through the power of rugby". The Hippos were very admiring of this work and set up this Fund to continue to support the work we saw there, and in other places around the world. Read more

TackleLondon launch event

On March 8th, 2024, TackleLondon's representatives from three charities participated in a rugby coaching session led by MRRF at Meridian High School, Croydon.  Our event was honoured by the presence of local Croydon MP Sarah Jones and Stephen Akinsanya, Barrister and Community Lead actively bringing awareness of knife crime. Both individuals recognise the transformative potential of TackleLondon in the local community and schools. Read more

International Women's Day!

Today is International Women's Day! Find out how you can help girls growing up in under resourced areas, who face poverty and abuse in their daily lives. Give just £10 today to help empower these girls to believe in themselves! Read more

Soknov's Story

On #InternationalWomensDay we are celebrating Soknov Keo, a coach at Kampuchea Balopp, who believes that rugby has the power to transform lives and uplift disadvantaged children! Read more

Celebrating the mothers of Virreyes Rugby Club on International Women's Day!

Virreyes Rugby Club would like to celebrate this upcoming Women´s Day by honouring the mothers of our rugby players. Without them, VRC could not have grown to what it is today! Read more

Help kids at TackleLondon in the Sporting Chance Prize Draw!

TackleLondon helps children overcome Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's) and trauma through regular rugby training sessions, giving them weekly contact with a healthy role model, and a reliable trusted adult in their coaches. Bringing them into the rugby community gives them a sense of purpose and belonging that is crucial to overcoming the challenges associated with ACE's. Enter the Sporting Chance Prize Draw today for just £10 to help these kids! Read more

South Africa Trek 2024

The Atlas South Africa Trek 2024 will see five action packed days with the group undertaking a challenging trek through the Kruger National Park. Read more

Educational Pilot at Khelo Rugby!

We have been very excited to work with Studycat to build on to the Khelo Rugby education programme.  The Studycat programme teaches the children English – a most valuable and transformational skill for these young children.  Khelo rugby educators have been trained by Studycat to run ‘pop-up’ classes using tablets supplied by the Memorial Fund. Read more

Win an amazing sporting prize in the Sporting Chance Prize Draw!

For just £10 you could an incredible sporting prize, with every penny going directly to the children at TackleLondon. With your help, we will help young Londoners overcome trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's) that can have devasting consequences on children's futures. Read more

Support our new project TackleLondon!

Today sees the launch of TackleLondon, our sports mentoring initiative in partnership with star* scheme and The Matt Ratana Rugby Foundation. By empowering young Londoners to overcome trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences, we hope to create transformative change for these children. Read more

Israel Co-existence program holds joint Tag rugby tournament!

The Israel co-existence program recently held a joint Tag rugby tournament for friendship, resilience and co-existence with 5 schools in Haifa. All the pupils, from across different backgrounds, displayed excellent sportsmanship, showing how rugby is a powerful tool to bring together different communities. Read more

Kids at Masi are inspired at a recent rugby game!

The kids at Masi recently went to a professional rugby game, where they were able to see their heroes in action. Read more

Queen's Story

Queen's life has transformed thanks to the program at Bhubesi Pride. Find out how BPF have helped Queen go from being shy and scared for her future, to a confident young women who wants to uplift herself and her community! Read more

Celebrating the end of the year with an Atlas Awards ceremony!

Kids at Ocean View & Masiphumelele High Schools celebrated the end of the year with an Atlas Awards Ceremony! Read more

Gift a book to children at Khelo Rugby!

For just £5 you can gift a book to the children at Khelo, and give them a vital tool for their education. We need to provide 120 books for 30 children at Khelo Rugby. Any donation is greatly appreciated! Read more

Thank you for your help in the Big Give #ChristmasChallenge!

Thank you to everyone who helped us in the Big Give #ChristmasChallenge! All the donations raised will go directly to SKRUM in Eswatini, who transform children's lives using the values and spirit of rugby. Read more

Malindzisa's Story

SKRUM's has a life long impact on many children, and has transformed Malindzisa's life for the better. The lessons SKRUM teaches have shown Malindzisa that he can have a healthy and happy future, despite extremely high rates of HIV/AIDS that plague his community. Malindzisa now wishes to give back to his community, by training as a rugby coach with SKRUM, and studying medicine at university! Read more

Help our partners SKRUM on World Aids Day!

Help our partners SKRUM give children a life free from fear of HIV/AIDS by donating today! Eswatini has the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the world, but with the help of SKRUM, infection rates are finally falling. Read more

How will you help us on #GivingTuesday?

It’s #GivingTuesday and the start of the Big Give #ChristmasChallenge!  Donate today to have your donations doubled by Big Give - meaning you will have twice the impact for children in Eswatini! Read more

Girly's Story

SKRUM is helping Girly see a way towards a brighter future, despite the daily challenges Girly faces in a deep-rooted patriarchal culture, where gender inequality and violence are sadly far too common. With your help, SKRUM are able to educate girls in Eswatini on female rights, and health and hygiene, empowering them to take control of their futures. Read more

Atlas Trustee visits Bhubesi Pride Foundation!

Atlas Trustee, John Clougherty, recently visited Bhubesi Pride Foundation in rural Lilongwe, Malawi, to see first hand the incredible work BPF does for children facing extreme poverty. Read more