Meet Felix, who faces significant discrimination due to his albinism, but continues to persevere and thrive with the help of Atlas and Bhubesi Pride Foundation. Felix lives in rural Lilongwe in Malawi, where all children struggle with high levels of food insecurity and extreme poverty. Felix struggles to deal with these challenges and the discrimination he is subject to alone, so his father suggested he join BPF’s Reconnect program. Felix is shy and very hesitant to participate in the sessions, causing him to miss out on the opportunities BPF makes available. The social prejudices surrounding Felix’s albinism means he is not always welcome, and this has a detrimental impact on his wellbeing. 

BPF and Atlas are on a mission to help all the children in Lilongwe fulfil their potential, and so the coaches at BPF are supporting Felix to become more involved in the sessions so he has the chance to thrive. BPF provides Felix with protective clothing and additional support, so he is able to play in the sessions. The coaches work with Felix and his teammates, so Felix no longer faces discrimination from the other kids. Felix always has a role in the team, and he is now more confident and is making friends with his teammates. 

Thanks to BPF’s Reconnect program, Felix is now much happier and is actively participating in the sessions. He loves the program, as he feels welcome, and now has great friends from it.  Felix thoroughly enjoys playing rugby and is improving all the time, and he hopes to become a great player one day. BPF and Atlas look forward to seeing Felix’s progress in the future!