Meet Malindzisa, a seventeen-year-old at Ekukhanyeni High School, who is looking forward to a brighter future, thanks to SKRUM’s support. Malindzisa lives in the Ngwazini Community in Eswatini, where sadly many lives are devasted by extremely high rates of HIV/AIDS. Education on taboo topics like these is crucial in reducing infection rates, but sadly education is a luxury here that many families struggle to afford, allowing high HIV/AIDS infections to plague the community. 

SKRUM is a vital lifeline for Malindzisa and his community, visiting schools to educate children about HIV/AIDS, helping to prevent infections. SKRUM first met Malindzisa when he was a child, and from day one they showed him that there is a path for him to have a healthier and happier life. Unfortunately, Malindzisa disappeared for many years, and was no longer at SKRUM’s sessions. SKRUM feared that the bright potential they saw in Malindzisa would be wasted. 

Almost 10 years later, SKRUM is lucky enough to know Malindzisa again. He still loves learning and is a keen rugby player, and the lessons he learnt as a young boy with SKRUM have stayed with him. He now wishes to help others the same way SKRUM helps him, and he plans to go to university to study medicine. SKRUM taught Malindzisa the importance of looking after his health, and having an education, and this motivates him to work hard to uplift himself and his community. Malindzisa is now working with SKRUM to become a rugby coach, as he knows how useful rugby can be in engaging and educating children on taboo topics. Malindzisa is excited about his future and the opportunity to help others - we can’t wait to see his progress soon! 

SKRUM transforms children’s lives, like Malindzisa, every day – the work they do is vital in giving children a chance for a healthy and happy future. But they can’t do it alone! We need your support in the Big Give so that SKRUM can continue to help more of the most disadvantaged children in Eswatini! 

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