Academic Uplift

The original research, conducted for the RFU by Dr Miranda Kaufmann of Oxford University, that underpinned the CBRE All Schools' Programme in England concluded that

The data we collected shows a positive correlation between playing rugby and GCSE results. Therefore, the more young people play rugby, the better they do at school.

For this reason, the provision of rugby in schools should be improved, as it will have benefits far beyond those traditionally assumed to be a consequence of sport, such as health and fitness.

Most strikingly, the positive effect of rugby playing was strongest in the most deprived schools. This shows that rugby can really make a difference, especially to those from less affluent backgrounds.

The academic uplift was as high as 12% in the poorest schools. Not just with the rugby playing pupils, but across the board. Further qualitative investigation with teachers highlighted that the improved behaviour of the rugby players made for a more peaceful learning environment for all pupils.   

Graph of Academic Uplift relative to the amount of rugby activity in school

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