The problem:

  • 5% of the Cambodian population live with a disability. 
  • 10% of children with disability attend school. 
  • 43% of children with disabilities in Cambodia are illiterate, which contrasts to just 9% of children without disabilities.
  • These individuals with disabilities encounter more difficulties finding jobs than those without disabilities.
  • Statistics show that these children also go on to 65% less than their friends without disabilities. 
  • There are huge disparities in the lives and treatment of individuals with disabilities are rooted in social stigma and the absence of education, jobs, and health care.

Our mission: 

  • To raise awareness about social issues and causes for disability issues.
  • Harness a collaborative spirit where every child is given an equal opportunity to thrive. 
  • Break the cycle of isolation that too often characterises the lives of people with physical disabilities, especially in low income and rural communities. 

The Soucial Trust programme works with both the able bodied and those in wheelchairs. This way it ensures those often viewed as outcasts or unrecognised for their strength of character are empowered and get to play against their able-bodied friends. This way enriches the community wider community through the values, challenges and ethics of sports. 

Already Atlas's grant has enabled the programme to purchase 12 wheelchairs for their participants and to pay for coaches in schools located in the poorest areas of the country.