The Hendley/Hassall family have established this fund to enable them to continue their personal support of the Atlas Foundation project in Nairobi. The ATLAS Foundation was founded in 2014 by Jason Leonard and other rugby and corporate heavyweights to improve the lives of the poorest people on earth through the power of rugby. 


The Atlas challenge 2020 aims to deliver a Double Decker Bus converted into a mobile classroom and clubhouse to kids in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Jim is taking part in the Kenya Trek in April 2020, and his wife, Jenny, will be joining him out there afterwards to meet some of the children.


The family plan to initially support one child in particular, Martin Shikuku. Martin lives with his grandmother, his sibling and cousins in a small hut within Kibera, in a village called Lindi. His mother left Kibera to look for work and so his grandmother has been left to become the breadwinner and look after the grandchildren. She sells mandarin (doughnuts) outside her home, but only earns about 1.50 GBP a day. As a result the family struggle to survive and eat. 

Martin aspires to be a doctor. £25/month will provide Martin with school bus transport, a well-qualified teacher, hot breakfast, fruit snack, hot nutritious lunch, school books, educational resources, exam fees and equipment, uniform and underwear, alongside transport to his rugby training with the Kings Rugby Development Academy every week.

Picture: Rugby training at the Kings Rugby Development Academy