This Kampuchea Balopp UK Fund supports their work in Cambodia and across Asia. KB work with Atlas Asia to further our combined passions to lift children out of poverty through rugby.

100% of donations here are passed to Kampuchea Balopp including UK gift aid at 25% on eligible donations. 

Kampuchea Balopp (KB) was established in 2013, and gives access to sport to disadvantaged and disabled children.  KB is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organisation, is French and Cambodian registered, and is currently based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  KB works with partner organisations and provides sports training to children twice a week.  As well as the health and nutritional benefits that this training brings, the children are equipped with valuable life skills which helps them to raise their self-confidence, inspire them to overcome challenges, and enables them to problem solve in a fun and equal environment.  Although not the only sport in the KB program, rugby is the inspiration for the program due to the values of respect that comes with taking part in this dynamic team game.  To take part in a sport where you physically make contact with the opposition, yet with a sense of respect, takes great responsibility and maturity in an individual.   Initiatives under the KB program are disability, social inclusion, gender equality and the Good Sport Campaign.

In 2020, KB will expand its program to apply the All Schools Atlas model in Cambodia to make the program more sustainable in the long term.  This will involve working with more government schools and will greatly increase the number of children under the KB program.