There is a lot of uncertainty in the world today, sports clubs have to survive, they are vital to their communities! Please take the time to read about New Brighton FC (RU) Founded 1875, and how your donations can help us, thank you.

Like everyone out there Covid 19 has been devastating for the club, as a direct consequence our income streams have stopped and our planned upkeep programmes have been brought to a grinding halt due to the Covid pandemic! New Brighton is based in a deprived area where it's not easy for young girls & boys to be brought into the ethos of a game like rugby, no more do we have a natural feed from local rugby-playing schools and we're in a hot bed of soccer being only 10 miles from Liverpool. Amongst other expenditures we need your help to pay for the drainage of 2 of our pitches to avoid so many cancellations during our wet winters, not to mention the usual seeding, fertilisation and care of all the pitches and keeping the club house safe and clean for everyone. We have a collection point for a "Food Bank" and strangely Covid stopped that too as the building was locked down!! We've also had to pay for a deep clean of the whole club, water test on every tap and shower head and bought a fogging machine to keep up the high standards. It's costly and difficult.

There is maintenance to be undertaken just to keep the old building in safe repair. We moved here in 1933 and we now have a relatively large club house to keep up, eight squash courts, three floodlit pitches, all the changing facilities and social facilities that go with it, bars and catering, kitchens to a sauna! It takes a lot of hard dedicated work by volunteers, we have no paid servants and no paid players at the club and we have no income right now either! One of THE most important parts of the club are the youngsters, hundreds of kids from the local community who love the place and their Coaches we owe it to them, and their future, to keep going, it's not just rugby, there are schools who use the facilities for soccer, there's squash and racquetball, gymnasia etc.

We have a large facility for hosting Special Events, and we have lost significant earnings during lockdown, having to cancel the club's Annual Dinner, our Annual marquee high profile black tie dinner and having to cancel bookings for wedding breakfasts, two big birthdays, planned BBQs and a Hog Roast to name but a few! We're not moaning, just need your help!

But what we must not forget is the other side of the coin in that for every cancelled event there are local people in our community facing the distress and frustration at having their Wedding Reception cancelled or Christening, or 21st Birthday Party, or 70th Birthday Party.

PLEASE help to keep New Brighton going, the future is in the hands of us volunteers and we are asking for your generous support, thank you, call in and see us.

Just one of the many things the Players have done, this is a shot from the successful Guinness Book of Records non-stop rugby, the guys and girls did a staggering 31 hours to raise funds for a local childrens charity!

Junior players from New Brighton & Birkenhead Park after getting to "know" one another!

Images courtesy of AKL Photography, one of our members