The Atlas South Africa Trek 2024 will see five action packed days with the group undertaking a challenging trek through the Kruger National Park. The day they trek will be tough, hot, and over harsh terrain guided by armed guides, who will protect them from the animals. The group will need to silently navigate through the bush and riverbeds surrounded by the Big 5, this is a tough physical challenge, and most definitely not a stroll in the park! Overnight camping under the stars will be followed by an early morning start with game rangers and vets to assist the group de-horning rhinos. This conservation element will complete the trek challenge. 

The group will then visit Atlas projects in Gauteng and the Cape, including the Atlas DigiBus in the Langa township in Cape Town. They will be able to see first-hand the challenges on the ground, along with the critically important work that Atlas caries out to support the young people who live in some of the world’s poorest and most dangerous communities.