Champion: Gus Pichot

Argentina is one of our oldest and strongest All Schools projects. We work in 15 schools across 5 different clubs in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Buenos Aires. In the slums chances to succeed are limited. With low job opportunities and only a small percentage of children finishing education it means children never learn the skills needed to pursue careers. 

The project was first set up my our trustees Jason Leonard and Lord Addington who visited back in 2017. They visited Virreyes Rugby Club where they were introduced to the structure and showed what it was like for the children who lived in the slums. The club help support the children by employing a tutor that gave tuition to the children as well as a club doctor that covered everything from pulled muscles to diagnosing a child with cancer. Our CEO Sally went out to follow up on this work and led the expansion of the project to the 15 schools we are in now.

If you want to visit this project with us in October register your interest here. <<to insert link here to event page for october