The Kings Rugby Development Academy provides 250 of the poorest children (6-16 yrs) from the largest Sub-Saharan African slum with opportunities for a better life.

The programme gives the children from the Kibera Slum, green fields of open space, positive ‘coach’ role models, nutritious food, plenty of clean water to drink, medical support and the joy of exchanging rags for rugby kits. At KRDA they have the opportunity to develop and gain life skills that will give them a track out of poverty.
Our first academy has 250 children from the Kibera, Nairobi. They are trained every Sunday by a roster of 30+ IRB World Rugby certified coaches and facilitators. We internationally partner with The Old Ruts (Rutlishians) RFC, Rutlish School, London and the Lunchbowl Network and others.  We have a vision for changing the lives of 2,500 children from the Kibera. The development of 10 Kings Rugby Development Academies will provide a path out of extreme poverty through sport and education.

Jason Leonard came to visit in 2017. Check out his photo log