The South Africa All Schools programme is working with 11 schools in three townships in Cape Town and Johannesburg. This is delivered by the South Africa Rugby Legends Association and works with boys and girls of secondary school age.

The Atlantis district of Boland, north of Cape Town, was our first All Schools project in South Africa, starting in late 2017. In January 2018 Jason Leonard and Paul Rendall visited the initial project and in June 2018 the England Rugby Squad visited along with High Commissioner Nigel Casey. 

In July 2018 two further All Schools programmes opened in two townships south east of Johnannesburg. Schools here often lack sports facilities but Atlas has permission to use, for free, sports facilities built in 2010 but since standing idle. Kids from four of the schools in each township can walk to these facilities for their training.

Atlas South Africa

In 2018 we opened an office in South Africa, championed by John Smit. 

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