Yesterday was international Literacy today and we at Atlas are celebrating the progress of global education in working towards a more literate and sustainable society. Unfortunately, 771 million young people and adults are still lacking basic literacy despite access to education being as much about dignity as it is human rights. 

This year’s theme of literacy day is ‘Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces’ and rethinking how we understand learning spaces for equitable and supportive learning. At Atlas, we can think of no better example than our newly refurbished DigiBus and we are proud of our work in supporting children’s access education.  

Taking the children out of their standard classroom, which is often overcrowded and under-resourced, the DigiBus is giving children in the Langa community the opportunity to improve their language, maths and digital literacy. It’s a new and innovative approach to schooling, but it meets the needs of the children and is providing them with committed and thorough support. 

Its digital skills programme is rethinking the role of literacy, providing employment opportunities for the Langa children in an era of digital and technological prowess, as well as supporting them transition between their language and cultural needs. 

Atlas is proud of the Atlas Digibus, and its integrated approach to learning and skills which are enabling children to learn life-long skills, not just literacy for the classroom.