The ATLAS Foundation was founded by Jason Leonard and other rugby and corporate heavyweights to improve the lives of the poorest people on earth through the power of rugby. In 2020 we are aiming to provide some very tangible results with our fundraising efforts and we need your support!

In April, John Clougherty, Sophie Metcalfe and Sally Gillanders from Fidelity International are trekking around Kenya in April to deliver a double decker bus, which will be converted to a mobile classroom and clubhouse for the kids in the Kibera Slum in Kenya. Once a week it will provide transport to get them from the slum to the rugby pitches where they play. For six days a week it will be a classroom providing digital learning programmes and educational support from university volunteers. As part of the trek, the team will be kitting out the bus, making it fit for purpose and working with the local community to deliver rugby coaching and educational programmes.

Any donations are very gratefully received and will help to make a real, positive difference to lives of the children in Kenya. Thank you for your support.