John Clougherty's 1500km Cycle Challenge for Atlas's DigiBus Project in South Africa.

As a Trustee I get to see the amazing things your donations do for kids worldwide. Our first Digital Bus in Kenya has provided kids with a safe high tech place to learn.

I am now fundraising for a second bus for kids in South Africa, and hopefully many more countries!!!! You can find lots of information about our amazing DigiBus Project HERE.

You can also learn more about our last DigiBus project by looking at the video below.

It has been such a pleasure to see this idea develop and deliver a fantastic mobile classroom to children in the biggest slum in Africa outside Nairobi.

Seeing the faces of the kids boarding the bus was so wonderful, I want to help build another one and hopefully many more for kids to help them thrive in what can be some of the most challenging lives faced by children anywhere in the world.

This is why I am doing this 1500km cycle challenge. Please support however much you can. 

Atlas Foundation