Today, 4th December 2020, is Ian’s 30th birthday, or would have been.
Whilst these landmark moments will always be painful for those who knew & loved him, they are also a moment to remember and celebrate the larger-than-life & big-hearted man who was always up for a laugh & flinging himself head first into whatever situation he was involved in.

With that in mind, we would like to invite all of you to participate in & complete your #30for30 – 30 ‘things’ to celebrate (what would have been) Ian’s 30 years.

The goal:
- Complete your 30 by doing something 30 times or for 30 minutes, or by making 30 things, or consuming 30 items ... (examples & ideas below)
- Donate £3 (or more if you’re feeling generous) to The Ian Williams Foundation – link in bio
- Tag 3 friends to do their #30for30

If 50 people complete their #30for30 donating only the minimum £3 then we will have raised enough for 3 screenings – that is 3 lives that could potentially be saved.
The more people who complete, tag, donate & share the more lives we can protect.

Our hope is that people can remember Ian & celebrate him, raise a little money to protect others, but mostly have some fun – something we all sorely need at the moment!

Some ideas then ...

- Make 30 paper aeroplanes
- Consume 30 mince pies
- Pick your 30 favourite quotes of all time
- Do 30 burpees (or squats or lunges - you get the idea, substitute your favourite exercise!)
- Read 30 articles
- Simultaneously wear 30 items of clothing
- Run for 30 minutes (or 30km if you’re feeling mad)
- Tell 30 jokes
- Colour in 30 pages of a colouring book
- Wish Ian a happy birthday in 30 languages
- Book your team in for screening & protect 30 lives
- Check in on 30 people
- Pick 30 daisies
- Read 30 pages of your favourite book
- Create a playlist of 30 birthday bangers
- Knock back 30 shots
- Prepare (or organise) 30 Operation Christmas child shoeboxes
- Find & collect 30 fallen leaves
- Put on 30 pairs of socks
- Snarf down 30 chicken nuggets
- Survive 30 hill sprints

Helen is kicking us off having baked 30 cupcakes with 30 different toppings! But don’t wait to be tagged – start your own chain of 30s … We can’t wait to see what crazy Ian-worthy ideas you all come up with for your 30!
Helen Williams