Hi - I'm Ant and I'm raising money for the Matt Ratana Rugby Foundation by once again putting on my running shoes and attempting to do the Brighton Marathon. I've only done one before but in for a penny in for a pound. Matt coached my son at rugby and as a journalist I was working the day of his tragic end. Matt had a profound impact on my son and that remains with him now. I love the work the foundation is doing by trying to take people out of difficult circumstances and using sport as a vehicle for good. Having spent my career covering news and sport in equal measure I know the power of sport and the great impact it can have on people - particularly young people. Running the marathon for Matt's charity is an honour and I'll also be thinking of other people who I've lost who helped nourish my love of sport. Thank you so much for supporting me - every single donation matters and every single donation can make a real difference to a young persons life.

Antony Weller