This could also have been called ‘Getting (lightly) electrocuted for Ed’. On 30th July, most of the people in the photo above (Paul, Phil, Sophie, Sam, Olivia, Adam, and Alex) will be chucking themselves over and under obstacles and (hopefully) completing Tough Mudder - a 10k run disrupted by 20 obstacles including ones called Arctic Enema, Electroshock Therapy, Cage Crawl, Augustus Gloop, and Shawshanked.

While some in the group are in peak physical condition, others…are not, and have been the subject of a multi-pronged attack of convincing. But together, and after so many years of friendship, most of us will no doubt succeed. And it is for a great cause! We’re doing this for Ed and to raise money for the Tanzania Rugby Development charity which is doing such brilliant work!

Tanzania Rugby Development Programme has been established in Arusa and Moshi with financial support from the Ed Cooper Memorial Fund. The first six months have allowed the team to reach 400 people, of which 320 are children. We want that great work to continue! Sophie Cooper