For the month of March 2021, our team “Kennedys Atlas Alpine Attack” are on their bikes to accumulate as many kilometres as possible. Each week we are set (fun?) challenges to complete, such as cycling up STEEP hills... During the last weekend of March 2021, we will be completing a 'RTI' round the island (Singapore) loop, a distance of 100km!
To get ourselves into shape for the weekly and end of month challenges we are up super early several times a week and cycling approx 60k each time. For the RTI challenge we will be setting off around 5am to avoid the midday sun and it will take us around 5 hours 30 mins to complete.

There are 7 people in our team: Kerry, Aniko, Claire, Craig, Martine, Julia and Von and we are aiming to raise as much money as possible for the Jungle Crows, Khelo Rugby Project in connection with The Anita, Alex and Annabel Nicholson Memorial Foundation. This Memorial Fund is close to all teams' heart and we would really appreciate any donation that can be made as that will spur us on during this challenge. Wish us luck as well!!!

Khelo Rugby takes a rugby ball into underserved communities in 35 locations in Kolkata, 7 villages in and around Saraswatipur in the north of West Bengal, 9 locations in Bengaluru and to a group of villages in the Jarmundi block in Jharkhand.
Through doing this, the project gains the trust of the children and young adults and builds a relationship with them so they can begin to work on other areas of activity. Khelo Rugby continues to be a transformational power for good for so many children in India.

Claire Brockington