Hi 👋🏻

In support of all the good work Juan Figallo and his many volunteers are doing in Argentina, I am planning to ride from one coast of South America to the other!

A journey of approximately 1,500km across roads, tracks and what my route planner ominously calls ‘unknown’ terrain 😬

I am looking to raise at least £10 per Km for a total of roughly £15,000.

About me...
I am a rugby coach for Hartpury University. Hartpury has a rich history of pairing high class education with rugby to support and develop talented students from all over the world. However, Hartpury is a further and higher education organisation, and not everyone in the world is fortunate enough to gain even a basic education, that gives them the opportunity to access these worlds. Therefore, I would like to support the good work Juan is doing in Argentina to give children the opportunity to succeed, thrive and flourish through rugby. Will Pettipher