As many of you will know, my family lost Anita, Alex and Annabel on Easter Sunday 2019 in the Sri Lanka terrorist attacks. Since then Ben has been working with the amazing Atlas Foundation which was something Anita was a huge advocate of and she had become the representative in Asia for them. Anita, Alex and Annabel had been fortunate to have lived the amazing amazing lives with Ben and their complete love of rugby was just one way of the many ways they connected as such a close family.

Atlas Foundation was the obvious charity to support and thanks to Atlas, the rugby family, our family and friends around the world we have been able to build a fund that will continue to inspire young people in the poorest places on earth in the name of Anita, Alex and Annabel.

I hope that you will be able to support Kez and I, in ensuring we keep the memory of a wonderful sister, and amazing nephew and a one of a kind niece alive.

Peter Wilson