Since our last 100km walk a lot has changed. Liv, Paul and Heather went out to Tanzania* (well Liv and Paul went a lot further) and did some work with Bhubesi Pride and Juma Kittyler. As a result of this, Tanzania Rugby Development (TRD) was set up, with the help of Atlas and using funds from the Ed Cooper Memorial Fund, in partnership with Juma and Bhubesi!

We had hoped to get out to Tanzania in March 2020 but COVID happened. Thankfully Juma and his team have continued their great work in supporting kids in Arusha and Moshi through rugby.

In order to help Juma and Tanzania Rugby Development continue their important work, we're doing ANOTHER 100km. Though Heather was the one to come up with this excellent (I mean, exhausting) idea, Paul is actually stepping in. So, on 26 and 27th June, Sophie, Olivia, and Paul will be walking 100km between Kirkharle to Bamburgh Castle. All money raised will go to TRD!

*one day, Sophie will actually get invited to these things. She's not bitter.

You can read more about the work of TRD and Bhebesi here

Sophie Cooper