Matt was a friend and a colleague and we are doing a series of challenges on motorbikes (one of the motorbikes being ridden on the challenges is The Baron and was Matt Ratan's motorbike) to raise money for the Matt Ratana Rugby Foundation to continue Matt legacy. Matt was a biker and this is how we are honoring him and raising money to support the Matt Ratana Rugby Foundation. Its not how Matt died that made him a hero, its how he lived...

 Matt had another less well known passion, motorcycling, and was a huge part of our annual tour (well, pilgrimage really) to the infamous Nurburgring track where his aim was to complete a lap in under ten minutes. That ambition will now never come to fruition (despite him buying a faster bike every few years...!) However, after a few light refreshments one evening he did come up with the original idea for these events, and this site will be updated with our attempts and possible successes but probable failings to complete different challenges on an annual basis. 

I therefore invite you to enter the site and follow what will no doubt be a tail of woe, as a bunch of people old enough to know better aim to to honor the legacy of our mate.

Karen Legge