Defibrillators saves lives but this incredible bit of medical equipment is not readily accessible in the community.

The Richmond Heavies Defibrillator Fund aims to change that by providing defibrillators to community rugby clubs across the United Kingdom. To date they have funded 15 defibrillators and are hoping to fund a further 30 in the near future.

However, 30 defibrillators don't come cheap, which is where the Ride Across Britain Comes in. I'm part of a team of 10 riders aiming to raise £40,000 for the Defibrillator Fund by cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats.

For me I can summarise the Ride in three steps

Difficulty - way above my "cycling pay grade"

Challenge - 980miles, 16,000m climbing, 9 days. Enough said

Achievement - undoubted

We all get lots of fund raising requests and they are all very worthy.

However, I am really hoping you'll be able to support me on this challenge because a). this is a great cause b). you're laughing about how much I'm going to suffer or c). a combination of a) and b).

Many thanks Simon Rhoades