Atlas has created this Fund in Joel Stransky's name to support his ambition to deliver All Schools across Israel. Helping with peace and reconciliation in mixed communities through the power of rugby. Joel has a proud Jewish heritage, is a former South African Maccabi Player of the Year, and was enrolled into the Jewish Hall of Fame through his Rugby World Cup winning performance.

The Atlas Israel All Schools Programme costs £1,000 per year per school, has documented benefits for improvement in behaviour and attainment, and brings together boys and girls across historic racial and religious divides. 

Atlas is already present in 12 schools in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Rehovot and Haifa, working with 700 children on a weekly basis. There are a further 33 schools that we wish to reach, and up to 28,000 children who can benefit from this work. 

Single or recurring donations to add to those of the programmes founders are much appreciated. Four people giving £20 per month each will fund a full programme in one school. All UK eligible donations attract a further 25% in gift aid.