Khelo Rugby is a programme run by the Jungle Crows Foundation in Kolkata, North East India. In many areas, children don't go to school, but education is provided in addition to rugby by coaches and teachers. Khelo Rugby works with both boys and girls, empowering them to achieve and encouraging men and boys to see women and girls as equals. Over 30 communities take part in Khelo Rugby and children are taught the game of rugby as well as learning about social development and leadership. 

In other areas, schools are very poor, but with the additional educational support, this programme has increased graduation rates from 15% to 80%. The programme operates in 35 locations across Kolkata and North Bengal and helps over 200 children per week.

Khelo Rugby takes a rugby ball into underserved communities, as we gain the trust of the children and our relationship with them develops we can begin to work on other areas of activity. We have our own curriculum which explores a different social issue each month, we work on the development of our coaches, carry out community initiatives - at all times being led by the children we are playing with."
- The Jungle Crows