Home to almost one million people, Kibera is the largest urban slum in Africa. With no running water, little electricity and open sewers running throughout the community, Kibera can be a tough place to grow up. The risk of being attacked by the many gangs who control the area, the lack of any meaningful employment and the poor educational opportunities make it tougher still.  

Atlas partners, Kings Rugby Development Academy (KRDA) and The Lunchbowl Network are on a mission to change this. Working exclusively with Kiberian children, KRDA are providing children between the ages of 5-16 an opportunity to access, train, and participate in rugby as a means of providing sport and education for a better future. The programme also provides fresh drinking water, hot showers, and regular health check-ups, as well as nutritious meals and learning materials. The Lunchbowl Network then offers these same children a high-quality education via their kindergarten and primary school, ensuring they have more and better choices as they grow up. -  


Kiberia has 3 out of the top 8 performing schools in Kenya and the KRDA supports all its children throughout their education to reach their full potential. They provide uniforms and stationery to those out of school, making the transition into the school system easier and helping the children’s access to education stay consistent through to secondary level. The KRDA has more recently developed its computer and software program to assist the life and employment skills it offers to all the children the charity reaches.