With a very busy week, Ocean View and Masi had an opportunity to play against two touring teams last weekend. On Friday they played Kingswood High School and on Saturday, Blue Coat High School both from England.

It was a test of Character for the boys to play two games in two days.

Ocean View High school played against Kingswood High School U17 team, it was a tough game which they lost by 8 tries to 2. They showed amazing spirit and great willingness to compete, their numbers were up to about 17 boys at the game. Masiphumelele High School then played against Kingswood High School U18 team, they also lost by 6 tries to 1. 

The following day, Ocean View High School played Bluecoat High School U17 boys, losing by 5 tries to two. There was a massive improvement in attitude, showing a great desire to play Rugby. Masiphumelele High School also played Bluecoat High School, and came a touch closer, losing 5 tries to three.

* * * * * * * * 

But the remarkable story emerging from the weekend was the story of a young boy called Bathini Futumane, who attended almost every session this year only missing two sessions. Those sessions he missed were due to the fire in Masiphumelele. Bathini and his family lost everything in that fire but he played both games on Friday and Saturday. He was named Man of the Match against Bluecoat High School, and the visitors could not stop marvelling at his skills; he scored a 70m try that left them speechless. Beyond his genius, he showed great resilience to overcome his adversity. Our project leader tells us he is a very inspirational leader, and we wish Bathini luck in the future and hope to hear much more about this amazing young boy.

Bathini with Frank, our project leader at Masi and Ocean View.