Back in May the Atlas Foundation joined forces with the RAF Police Rugby team (aka The Flying Pigs) in a challenge to virtually circumnavigate the Globe. The 25,000 mile adventure was to be carried out collectively around the world; walking, running, hopping, cycling any which way we could. In a fantastic team effort the team completed over 70,000 miles/113 kilometres over 7 days.

The objective of this challenge was to raise awareness and funds for the many kids and families around the world who have been affected by Coronavirus.

In Singapore, we have had a great sign up and equally big mileage completed!

Through the Anita, Alex & Annabel Nicholson Memorial Fund we raised over SG$ 7,000 with proceeds going to the foreign workers living in dormitories who have been hardest hit.

While the government is providing medical support and food for these workers, they are isolated from their families and the outside world.

On Saturday 1st August we visited one of the dorms to supply care packages which included fans, deodorant & body wash.

On behalf of the Anita, Alex & Annabel Nicholson Memorial Fund and The Atlas Foundation a big thank you to everyone who supported.