Rugby Legends Jason Leonard and Gavin Hastings are in Vegas for the USA Sevens and will meet kids from the Atlas supported Memphis Inner City Rugby programme who have been invited there to play in a youth tournament. 

"I've seen many people get shot at"

Last year, College acceptance rates for kids in the Memphis programme rose from 50% to 100%. This from kids whose daily lives involve shootings, drugs and violence, and whose previous school attendance rate was as low as 40%

The success of the rugby programme in providing structure, discipline and determination is remarkable, so much so that it has featured in media around the world, and been the subject of an award winning short film.

Expansion Funding

The Atlas Foundation has recently announced a further £30k ($40k) funding to allow this programme to work for three years in two more schools in Memphis. Memphis has the highest incidence of child poverty in the USA, poor school attendance, discipline and attainment. The Rugby programme has reversed all these stats for the young players, boys and girls, in its programme. The new funding allow the programme to reach over 200 young people per week, every week. 

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