On the first day of the trek, our team headed into Kibera to visit and help at one of the amazing feeding programmes Atlas supports. The children in Kibera have very little, and with no stable employment, many families work 14–16-hour days to scrape together enough food to put on the table. Unfortunately, they don’t always succeed. 

Children often go to bed and wake up hungry, going to school on empty stomachs and struggling to concentrate. It’s hard for them and even hard to hope for a better future.

The Atlas Foundation is helping to change this. With support from the trekkers, the feeding programmes give children a hot meal at school and on a Saturday to ensure they receive better nutrition and well-being as they grow up. One trekker described being able “to visit the schools where the children are supported not only through education, but also health and quality meals was emotional” and another that the children’s spirit despite their adversity was “truly remarkable”. 

While The Atlas Foundation will never claim to have a quick fix, we are proud of the work done by our partners and the feeding programmes for the children in Kibera, and to have some of the most dedicated supporters who are willing to help personally.