It’s Father’s Day today in the UK and we wanted to celebrate a very special individual – Jaco Coetzer.

 Jaco founded and runs Gauteng Women’s Rugby Institute, our local partners in South Africa. GWRI is a unique place, providing a safe haven for many girls and young women who have fled abuse and experienced extreme hardship.

 Under Jaco’s guidance, the girls receive accommodation, three meals a day, an education (including advice and help around securing a job), rugby and friendship. The security that GWRI provides allows these incredible young women to pursue their passions and thrive in a very different future, equipped with the skills and confidence they need. This initiative came directly from Jaco and he works tirelessly to ensure the young women in GWRI can continue to thrive.

Jaco is a widely respected figure in the community and amongst the young women he works with. We are enormously proud of everything he has achieved, and we are honoured to be a partner of GWRI.

Thank you for all you do, Jaco.