Celebrating International Youth Day!

Today is International Youth Day and The Atlas Foundation is celebrating the experiences, capabilities and voices of the children that we and our local partners are supporting.  

Children are at the forefront of what the Atlas Foundation does, and our mission is to create the physical, social and emotional conditions that improve the lives of children, providing them with the chance to thrive. We aim to help children help themselves, working with local partners across the world to provide education, health and well-being check-ups, and a sense of confidence and inclusivity.  

Many of the children The Atlas Foundation and our partners work with grow up in resource-deprived and poverty-stricken communities. Some struggle to access basic supplies or shelters, creating cycles of intergenerational poverty; others battle against gender inequality and violence which push girls and women’s rights to the margins of their societies.  

The Atlas Foundation firmly believe every child is special and deserves an opportunity to thrive, and by partnering with local organisations who share this belief and can provide on-the-ground support, we commit to providing meaningful and long-term change that has a tangible impact on their lives. 

With the amazing support from our local partners, we have helped over 167,000 children and young adults receive hot meals and showers, education and mentoring, and shelter and safety, as well as develop their confidence, voices and practical skills to seek out and create their own possibilities. These children are the future, and they deserve to feel supported and important.  

The Atlas Foundation thanks every one of our local partners and their teams, as well as all our supporters and donors. Supporting Atlas means supporting direct change and giving children and youth a chance to thrive.