15th July celebrating World Youth Skills Day with the Atlas DigiBus

The 15th July marks World Youth Skills Day, celebrating the importance of equipping young people with the skills and confidence they need to thrive as they grow up.

We’re delighted to partner with the Vusa Rugby and Learning Academy on our pioneering Atlas DigiBus. Many children growing up in South Africa are failed by an education system that is riddled with inequality, overcrowded classrooms and poor resources. It has led to low attainment, and high drop-out rates that drive inter-generational poverty. The Atlas Digibus is already supporting over 650 Grade 4 children across schools in the Langa community ever week, developing vital maths, STEM and digital literacy skills, as well as supporting the transition into an English language curriculum. In additional to the core curriculum, the programme helps give young people the confidence to amplify their voices and communicate with those around them, and in an engaging, alternative way to classroom-based learning.

After school each day, the DigiBus works with 10-13 year olds in Langa, using interactive and engaging content to teach the children about critical thinking and problem solving in maths. As these skills become increasingly demanded by employers, the Atlas DigiBus is ensuring children are equipped to pursue a career and thrive in a very different future.