As a response to the Covid-19 crisis, we decided to identify programs across the USA which had goals and values which aligned with Atlas in helping disadvantaged youth through rugby.

Above all, these grants were given with the aim to support organizations in their efforts to buy food or care packages, including masks and hand sanitizers in order to protect their children, community, and rugby family. 

The programs we helped include:

  • Washington DC Youth Rugby 
  • Withrow Rugby Club, Cincinnati 
  • Play Rugby USA 
  • Peak Unleashed
  • Memphis Inner City Rugby, Miami
  • Inner City Rugby of Nashville 
  • New Orleans Barbarians
  • ICEF, LA 
  • Sacramento 
  • Fort Myers 
  • Seattle Rugby 

We were delighted to see masks distributed by PeakUnleashed, gaiters from PlayRugby, care packages given out by Memphis Inner City Rugby, ICEF food distribution and vouchers in Seattle. We wish to recognise too the wonderful amplification of this work by parents and friends making matched funding donations in Washington thereby extending the reach of the grocery gift cards for vulnerable families.