Today at Atlas we are saying a fond farewell to our out-going intern Rory Hamilton who has been with us as Marketing and Communications Officer throughout the 2019-2020 year.

Rory Hamilton (right), Oli Woodcock (left).

Rory was the third intern welcomed on board at Atlas and has made a great mark on the work that we do and in helping us move forward as a charity. His sporting background, understanding of social media and general efficiency have made him a great asset to Atlas. In his penultimate weeks Rory saw Atlas’s social media following surpass 1,000 followers and fundraising efforts reach £1 million. Such procurement has been crucial to Atlas’ ability to continue support it’s 50,000 children throughout the coronavirus pandemic and global lockdown.

The internship experience that Atlas offers is definitely unique. While the role is titled ‘Marketing and Communications Officer’ it is a role that encompasses so much more. Although the task of managing the foundation’s online presence is forefront, students are also involved on a weekly basis with other structures and procedures; from organising events at the Argentinian Embassy, to helping create new websites and also spending a day a week in the House of Lords helping preparing briefs.

Rory says:

“The work environment is great and not only do I feel a vital member of the team because my co-workers value my work enough to trust me with high responsibility tasks but I have also been very well mentored which means while there is a high level of responsibility, there is a lot of appreciation for my opportunity to learn. This makes it an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling job, but you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone, and broaden your horizons by learning as you go and learning about things you didn’t realise you were interested in which is great for similarly ambitious students who are looking to push themselves.”

His ambition has not gone amiss by his bosses either:

“Rory has been a brilliant addition to the Atlas and Front Row Club families, we will all miss him hugely. Always cheerful, dedicated and full of new ways of doing things. I personally have learnt a lot from him and am enormously thankful to him for that. We wish him well in his final year at uni and look forward to seeing him in the very near future.” Sally Pettipher, Atlas CEO.

“It’s been a real treat to work with Rory this year. From day one he took on board what his role is and brought his ideas and clear love of rugby to help make FRC grow. In a normal year this would have been impressive, but he did this whilst navigating Brexit and the ongoing pandemic and all the challenges that has brought. He is very talented young man and has been calm and calculated when faced with some of issues a new venture can throw at you. I’m so happy he is going to continue to help out with FRC and stay part of the growing FRC and Atlas family.” Chris North, FRC Vice-Chairman.

“Rory has been a cheerful and more than competent support to me. Any man that can laugh wearing a knee brace and having to research the vagaries of the education system to do with special educational needs should be able to handle whatever his final year university throws at him.” Lord Addington.

All being said as Rory leaves to go back to the University of Bath to finish his Politics and International Relations degree, we are lucky enough to welcome a brand-new intern on board for the 2020-2021 year. Antonia Liley, also a student from the University of Bath, is joining us at Atlas this August as part of her studies for a BSc Social Science degree. Having grown up in and around the rugby clubhouse with a professionally playing father and uncle, she is, like many of us a product of the rugby community that we all love so dearly. Alongside this, Antonia has a keen interest in international development and forwarding human rights, with future aspirations to pursue work with NGOs and other humanitarian organisations. We look forward to welcoming Antonia’s passion and drive on board at Atlas and look forward to seeing what she will bring to the progress of Atlas throughout this next year. It’s fair to say she got big boots to fill.

Thank you Rory and Welcome Antonia!