International Day of Education

Education is one of three key pillars within Atlas's model, alongside health & wellbeing and gender & equality. Focusing on improving equal access, attendance, and attainment, Atlas currently partners with 13 projects across 8 countries to improve the education and opportunities for 167,000 children.

We are proud to work with our project leaders to ensure we meet the cultural and contextual needs of each education system, identifying boundaries and intersectional issues worsening access or opportunity for children with multiple deprivations.

In India with Khelo Rugby, we have improved graduation rates from 18% to 80% following the introduction of our rugby sessions which engage and focus the children in safe environments. Over in Cambodia, we are exceptionally proud of our partner Kambuchea Balopp, who are one of the few NGO's supporting the children with mental and physical disabilities in the country, offering them inclusive and supportive environments to maximise their unique and full potential. 

graduation rates improved from 18% to 85% in Khelo Rugby! As the new education pilot with Studycat roles out, it is exciting to see the new results that will come.

In South Africa, the Atlas Digibus has reached phenomenal heights, supporting over 1000 children every week. Teachers have reported attendance and punctuality has improved across all five schools in the Langa community and children are eager and excited to learn; as the new South African school year starts, Atlas is excited to receive the results of students using the Digibus to see its impact and ways to improve. 

We understand education is not just about grades; it is a chance to help children with their wider personal development and issues they may face. In Eswatini, our partner SKRUM are helping children understand, tackle, and reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDS, using rugby and classroom sessions to create a fun and safe environment for children to learn and ask questions.