To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the International Day of the Girl, Atlas is reflecting on some of the success we and our partners have had in making a difference in the lives of thousands of girls.  

For all the girls that Atlas supports, the more fortunate will face poor sanitation, inequality, and deprivation; those less fortunate live through child marriage, forced pregnancy, abuse, and fear. At Atlas, we are committed to changing this and giving girls and young women the best chance to thrive and live a fulfilling life the way they would like to.  

While Atlas will never tell a community what to do or force change upon them, through careful support and engagement we have helped communities across rural Kenya reduce child marriage rates to a third of what they were, allowing the girls to enjoy their childhood; in India, Khelo Rugby and Atlas have helped raise graduation rates from 18% to 80%, enabling girls to choose the career they want; and in South Africa, the GWRI and Jaco are supporting young girls to have the equality they deserve, driving rugby standards and championing for the resources they need. 

We at Atlas are proud to see many of the girls start to strive for their own empowerment, seeing their confidence and leadership develop as they grow into brave young girls who lift each other up. While we hope in time that as the young girls and women become their own leaders, Atlas and our partners won’t be needed, we are committed to supporting these communities for as long as they need support.