James came to STAR scheme after his Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) began to have a significant negative impact on his wellbeing.  James comes from a disadvantaged area where many children feel alone and so sadly turn to drinking, drugs, and crime to deal with the challenges they face.  James’ experiences meant he attended Alternative Provision (AP) when he joined STAR scheme. 

However, STAR scheme and Atlas are on a mission to help children like James overcome difficulties that come with growing up in poverty.  James is supported by STAR through his local rugby club, where his coaches mentor himSTAR creates a Player Development Plan for each child, which is tailored to their individual needsThis gives children support in their social skills and emotional regulation, making them feel empoweredSTAR supports James through his Player Development Plan, and this meant James was able to transition back to a mainstream school. 

The support STAR gives James means he has greatly improved at school, and he has recently sat his GCSE’s.  James loves attending rugby training with STAR, and he has formed valuable relationships with the coaches and other playersHis commitment to training means he is now a great rugby player, and this helped him get a 100% sports scholarship to a prestigious independent school.  James is excited for his future, and he is an inspiration to the other kids to what they can achieve!