Jean lives in rural Lilongwe, where education, health, and food are luxuries that many children sadly don’t have access to. Regrettably, these are not the only difficulties Jean faces, as she is bullied by other kids, causing her to feel isolated and lonely.   

Things started to improve for Jean when she joined the Atlas funded Reconnect program at Bhubesi Pride Foundation.  In the program, Jean and the other children learn key life skills, such as respect for others.  Jean and her teammates felt this was an important lesson for all of them, and so they agreed that they wouldn’t bully or make fun of other players if they make mistakes.  Sessions like this make a big difference to the children’s attitudes and are having positive impacts throughout the community. 

"participating has been an exciting experience for me, I really enjoy the time I spend during the sessions and the fun we have at tournaments.” 

Now Jean and her teammates have learnt how to respect and be kind to others, Jean is no longer bullied by the other childrenThe sessions at BPF are a safe space for Jean, where she knows she will be supported.  Since the coaches taught the children about the importance of respect, Jean has found the Reconnect program an exciting experience, and she is thoroughly enjoying the program.  Jean is much happier and is another step closer to reaching her full potential We look forward to hearing about Jean’s progress in the future! 

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