The Atlas Foundation is proud to partner with Jungle Crows in Kolkata, India. The programme gives children access to sport and education, something that many children in the area do not get to experience. Jungle Crows also run Atlas All Schools Bangalore, equipping children in Southern India with the skills and confidence they need to thrive.

At the Jungle Crows they say, "Growing Up With Rugby" and their passion for the greatest of games powers much of what we do. From a rugby club the Jungle Crows quickly developed into a small NGO that works to support our young players as they grow up. Our Atlas All Schools project in Bangalore has had a particular focus on equipping young people with skills to get on better in joining the workplace - employability. 

Jungle Crows have been lucky to partner with a couple of companies in this effort who see the value of recruiting young people who have come through our programme. One of the most successful projects has been with the international sports retailer Decathlon, where nearly 50 of the Jungle Crows players are now working. The particular project in Bangalore has seen a group of players receive in-store training during their Class 11 & 12 exam years. The group also receive a small stipend to ensure they can meet their college expenses and aren't forced to drop out of education.

Another career path that has opened up for the Jungle Crows has been in India's growing fitness industry. With gyms opening across the country, employers see real value in the skills and work ethic of rugby players. In particular, we were lucky to partner with Cult Fit who found our players the perfect fit for their growing business. Check out Puspendu, nickname Comando, who is now a trainer with Cult in Bangalore. 

"Growing Up With Rugby" starts with a rugby ball but takes us on so many journeys with our super young players.

Jungle Crows in partnership with The Atlas Foundation have been able to support and provide guidance to young children all the way up to adulthood. The children who have come through the programmes have entered employment, equipped with the skills, confidence and attitude they need to thrive.