For underprivileged children growing up in Cambodia, life can be tough. It can be even harder for children and adults with mental disabilities, often struggling to fit in and without the support they need to thrive.  

With Atlas’ support, Kampuchea Balopp have been helping to change this. Theyhave been using rugby as a tool for education and social inclusion, offering help to the children and relief for the families who work tirelessly to support their families. As one of the few organisations in the regions actively supporting mentally disabled children and adults, it is wonderful to see Kampuchea Balopp grow as they continue to offer a feeling of inclusion that the children have never experienced before. 

Recently, Kampuchea Balopp held their third Social Inclusion Day of the year, welcoming children and adults from across the country for a day of rugby, fun, and learning in an inclusive and safe environment. 

Kampuchea Balopp have expanded their activity to new regions in Phnom Penh and the Oudong Province, making it an exciting time to see how their new developments will support more children to come.