Last week children from the communities in Bangalore were visited by Norman Maxwell, a New Zealand All Black, as part of his outreach project from 100 World Rugby Legends. Local partner, Khelo Rugby, welcomed him into the local communities to share his knowledge of the game of rugby with the children and a chance for them to enjoy a practice session with him.

Reaching to more than 100 children across the region and communities, the session was light-hearted and fun, providing the chance for the children to learn some of the practical skills of rugby in a gentle environment that fostered involvement, teamwork, and confidence for the children. Together with Norman, the children had a chance to engage with new skills and traits in a fun and joyous day.

Towards the end of the day, Khelo Rugby were able to bring all the children together to enjoy a tournament, which Norman refereed. It was lovely to see a smile on their faces as they had a blast running around with each other and Norman, using the skills they had learnt in the morning’s session and developing their confidence in each of their own capabilities. Many of the kids said they felt inspired having had the chance to listen to someone like Norman who has played at the highest level of rugby and to have the chance to play themselves was motivating to continue learning and growing themselves.

Khelo Rugby aim to engage children with rugby, using the game itself as a catalyst for inclusion and empowerment and so visits such as Norman’s for both the children and the communities are incredible motivators and invaluable for many of the children. Meeting Norman was an amazing opportunity for letting the children enjoy being young while still inspiring and providing a chance for change in their lives.