Atlas' very own Sue Anderson accompanied our World Cup winning Rugby Champion Percy Montgomery to Masiphumele and Ocean View High Schools so present them with rugby jerseys provided by Atlas.

The Boys will now be able to wear their school colours with pride as they take to the rugby field. Ocean View Principal, Mr Klein, said,

"Atlas has shown their belief in you young men, you need to embrace the opportunity and choose this belief in you over the bad influences out there."

Coach Charlie 'Frank' Fundile said this, 

"I was so overwhelmed with emotions today ... What gave me greatest joy was to see young boys [who] i have seen through their trails and tribulations ... getting what they deserve ... I'm humbled."
Percy Montgomery also had some wise words for the boys as he presented them with their new jerseys,
"Believe in yourselves and with the right attitude, any dream is possible."
The project has been constantly on the up, and this is another sign of great things to come in Masi!