We were delighted to see Sgt Matt Ratana awarded 2020's Unsung Hero at Sports Personality of the Year awards, last night. 

With the Matt Ratana Rugby Foundation acting as a private fund within Atlas Foundation, we have been fortunate enough to work closely with Matt's friends and family and learn just how incredible Matt was. 

Matt has left an incredible legacy. Thank you all for your support so far in getting his legacy so well recognised. It is now our job to make sure his legacy and memory is continued for as long as we can. 

Our mission is simple – to change life experiences through Rugby harnessing the power of the game to make a positive, lasting impact on individuals’ lives, developing skills and strengthening communities. Something that Matt did every day of his 54 years of life.

It's not too late to show your support. Join us, and pull on a shirt for Sgt Matt Ratana.