Not content with completing the ‘Race to the Stones Virtual 100km’ challenge last month in support of the Anita, Alex and Annabel Nicholson Memorial Fund, Matthew Power, aged 15, took it upon himself to complete two further challenges.

Starting on Friday 7 August, Matthew set out to complete 200 km running and walking in just 7 days.

As part of that challenge, on Monday 10th August, keeping to strict COVID19 protocols, Matthew organised a group of over 50 runners, in groups of 5, to complete a ‘round the island’ relay run around Singapore. The 120 km run was completed by a combination of friends of Matthew and the Power family, people from Tanglin and Centaurs rugby clubs, UWC, Dulwich and Tanglin schools and the wider community of friends of the Anita, Alex and Annabel Nicholson Memorial Fund and Atlas Foundation.

The relay was completed over a 13 hour period and Matthew completed the whole course himself, running part of the way and for the rest supporting the other runners from his bike (without a break!).

Today we are pleased to report that Matthew completed his 200 km challenge. It was fitting that he finished the run today supported by Ben Nicholson.

Matthew took on this challenge to raise funds for Kampuchea Balopp and has so far raised over £7,500. Kampuchea Balopp is a non-government and non-for-profit organisation situated in Cambodia. Their goal is to provide sport, life skills and education to disadvantaged or disabled Cambodian youths. This is an organisation close to Matthew having visited, coached and played with and against the children of KB.

Congratulations to Matthew who is a dear friend of Ben and the Nicholson family and has dedicated the challenge to his friend and team mate Alex Nicholson.

Everyone at Atlas Foundation and the Anita, Alex and Annabel Memorial Fund are very proud of you Matthew!

You can support Alex here.