Meet Maxwell Abadu, a 14-year-old boy living in the Kibera slums.  Kibera is a tough place for any child, with few employment and educational opportunities, leading many children to lose hope for their future. On top of these challenges, Maxwell has faced an exceptionally hard childhood. When Maxwell was very young, his mother died, leaving him to the care of his aunt. Sadly, this was just the start of an extremely difficult childhood for Maxwell. Maxwell’s aunt does not take care of him and subjects him to unimaginable torture and child labour, often forcing him to go to bed hungry and sleep outside in the cold. This awful situation left Maxwell desperate and struggling to see an escape. 

Kings Rugby Development Academy (KRDA) and Atlas are on a mission to help children like Maxwell overcome these challenges and fulfil their potential. KRDA became a vital lifeline to Maxwell throughout his harsh childhood, often being his only way to escape the terrible conditions at home. KRDA supports children in Kibera through their education, giving them more opportunities for employment, so they can have a better future. Through regular rugby training sessions, KRDA keeps children engaged and gives children a chance to form valuable relationships with their coaches, who act as mentors in difficult times. It was after one of these sessions that a coach noticed Maxwell was not happy. Maxwell felt comfortable opening up to the Coach and told him of his ordeal at home. KRDA was able to help Maxwell by contacting a social worker and giving additional support. Thanks to KRDA, Maxwell is now going to live in a children’s home and is free from the awful treatment he had been receiving. 

Coaches at the KRDA are already seeing an improvement in Maxwell.  He is much happier and looks forward to his rugby training sessions. Maxwell is provided with uniform and stationery supplies from KRDA, and he works hard at school. The support from KRDA through this difficult period has led to a positive outcome for Maxwell, and he is excited for his future. Maxwell is just one child who continues to have their life changed for the better thanks to the support from KRDA and Atlas.